At Jels angling association we have different angling licenses, which can give you access to angling in Jels Nedersø (lower lake) and Jels Midtsø (middle lake). We also have a set of rules which must be followed by all visitors and locals, who wish to be angling in our waters.

You must acquire a license to use the Jels Nedersø, Jels Midtsø and Jels creek for angling. If you live in the old church parish of Jels, you can become a member of the local angling association (for more information see below). If you live outside the old church parish of Jels you can choose to buy a either a day pass, a week pass or a season pass.

The prices for our angling passes/licenses are as follows (Children under the age of 12 are allowed to fish without a license):

  • Daypass 60,- DKK. – daypass valid until midnight on the day of purchase.
  • Week pass 200,- DKK. – week pass valid for 7 days until midnight on the 7th day.
  • Season pass 400,- DKK. – season pass valid through the year of purchase.

You can by the angling passes/licenses here (offline):

You can buy angling passes/licenses online here:

Remember: You still need a state angling license even if you are a member of the angling association or if you have purchased the angling passes mentioned above. Without the state angling license you are not allowed to use Jels Lakes for fishing.


If you want to be a member of Jels Fiskeriforening, then you can buy your membership online here. Only citizens within Jels old church parish can be admitted as members. A membership applies in the calendar year starting from 1/1.

It costs 60, – DKK. a year to be a member of Jels Fiskeriforening.

Rules for angling in Jels lakes

You can only use the Jels Nedersø and the Jels Midtsø for angling. Fishing in Jels Oversø is not allowed. As mentioned above you must acquire an angling license both for Jels Lakes and a State angling license. Angling for kids under the age of 12 is free of charge.

You can use 2 fishing rods, angling with other equipment is prohibited.

The freshwater Fisheries Act regulations MUST be followed. Lighting fires is only allowed in the dedicated areas. Undersized fish and protected species MUST be released if caught.

Walleye and pike angling

Jels angling association encourage you to only bring home 2 pikes or walleye between 50 and 75 cm pr 24 hours of fishing in Jels Lakes. If you catch any fish smaller than 50 cm it MUST be released back into the lake and if over 75 cm we kindly encourage you to release back into the lake.

Bait must be caught locally or be saltwater fish. This is to avoid any transfer of non local bacteria.

Minimum measures

  • Pike: 60 cm.
  • Brook trout: 30 cm.
  • Trout: 40 cm.
  • Salmon: 60 cm.
  • Walleye: 50 cm.
  • Eel: 45 cm.

Closed seasons (protected)

  • Pike: April 1 to April 30.
  • Brook trout: November 1 to January 16.
  • Trout: November 1 to April 15.
  • Salmon: November 1 to April 15.
  • Walleye: May 1 to May 31.

Fishing in the creek is not permitted in the period: November 1 to April 15.