The angling competition in 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19.

Jels Fiskeriforening always holds the annual international angling competition the last weekend of September.

The angling competition is held in Jels Neder- og Midtsø, and fisheries can only be fished from the width according to specified rules. The competition’s management is located at Foreningshuset, Søvej 5A, by the sea lane, here fishing permits are redeemed for the competition. Upon registration, a participant pin will be handed out, which must be worn visible all day, and competition rules will also be handed out during the registration.

Any angling other than participation in the angling competition in the lakes is prohibited this day.

Certificate of participation

  • Adults: 100,00 DKK.
  • Children (below 15 years old): 50,00 DKK.

The following species is a part of the competition and is the biggest fish is rewarded in each category

  • Category 1: Pikes
  • Category 2: Walleye
  • Category 3: Perch
  • Category 4: Bream and Roach
  • Category 5: Carpfish

Minimum sizes (any fish below minimum MUST without exception be released back into the lake!)

  • Pikes: 60 cm.
  • Walleye: 50 cm.
  • Trout: 30 cm.
  • Eel: 45 cm.


  • The competition is open for everyone.
  • Competition area is Jels Nedersø (lower Lake) and Jels Midtsø (middle Lake).
  • In the certificate of participation there will be information about the number for Catch and Release.
  • Catch and Release: We encourage you to weigh the large fish at the lake so that they can be released.
  • Only fishing from the shoreline is allowed – no boats.
  • Max 2 rods per particpant.
  • Fish below minimum sizes MUST be released back into the lake.
  • Weighing and viewing of Catch and Release Sunday at Foreningshuset.
  • Certificate of participation must be shown when weighing a fish.
  • A participant can only be awarded 1 time per category.
  • After weighing has been completed in Foreningshuset the winners will be announced.
  • Any doubts will be handled and settled by the board.
  • The managers of the competition can be found in Foreningshuset, Søvej 5A, during the competition.